The Warrior Diet

Joshua Buatsi by James Killeen from My Protein ‘Forever Fit’ campaign.

I’m fascinated with training. I’m not a ‘fitness guy’ on the gram or on YouTube. I don’t care about any of that. Good for you if you are though as some people find them very motivating and inspiring. My “thing” is music and living what I consider a pretty cool life: being fit, getting outdoors, seeing the beautiful country we live in, eating absolutely amazing food and enjoying every day as much as I can. But I definitely have an obsession with training. I read multiple articles on it every day, I constantly re-read fantastic training books like ‘5/3/1 Forever’ and ‘The Purposeful Primitive’, I scroll the internet for things written by training authors I like and by doing all this reading and applying it to my training, I feel I am finally at a stage in my life where I have found what type of training suits me and gives me the results I want. I am still working on those results by the way… I don’t know if you ever actually “get there” but trying is pretty amazing in my opinion.

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Being a Man: Part 2

Photo by James Killeen from My Protein ‘Forever Fit’ campaign.

Welcome back. So in the last post we discussed some of the physical benefits regarding why a man should train; train meaning all round athletic ability including strength training, cardio, swimming, combat disciplines and stretching. In this one we will look at why I think these things are important for your mind.

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Being a Man: Part 1

Photo by James Killeen from My Protein ‘Forever Fit’ campaign.

Sexist, I know. In big old 2020 expressing your thoughts on what ‘stereotypically’ men should be doing, coupled with the then premature misconception that, that then means women can’t do those things either, is a fast track to receiving a lot of negative back-lash across multiple social media platforms.

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