Picking up the Pen

The notebook I used to journal in last/this year. I bought it about two years earlier. The words on the cover spoke to me!

I’m writing a lot at the moment, obviously. I’m finding that it really helps me untangle things in my head and make more sense of them. I know myself fairly well today, but there is always more to learn and sometimes, just writing something down, gives me a completely different perspective on it.

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Meditation on the Move

Photo by James Killeen.
You can find James’ work here:

Can we meditate on the move?

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The Gift and the Curse of Overthinking
Photo taken in July, 2020 at Saunton Sands, North Devon.
For me, it captures a perfect environment, with an imperfect human. Life’s about balance.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist. In recent years I’ve developed somewhat of a more balanced attitude towards most things I do, however if we are using a hypothetical scale where 1 is care-free and 10 is full on nut job, I’m still a solid 8.5.

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Get Some Nuts!

One of my daily concoctions of Greek yogurt, various nuts (almonds, Brazil, cashew and peanuts), pumpkin seeds, goji berries, dried fruit and fresh figs. I mix it before I eat (I’m not a savage).

Unfortunately I’m not endorsed by Snickers (love a Snickers), nor have I managed to bag an interview with Mr. T. But I am here to talk about why I think nuts are an important food that us humans should be consuming.

Side note: I am well aware there are people out there who have life-threatening nut allergies. Obviously, for you, this article is completely irrelevant. I mean no offense by this, but if you can’t eat nuts, you can’t eat them. For those that can, hopefully I make some valid points as to why you should.

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Know Thy Self

The Art of Spending Time on Your Own
Photo by James Killeen, taken during a mid-summer sunset in South Manchester, 2020.

“We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with”

Jim Rohn, Motivational Speaker

I’ve heard this statement said many times by many different people. Some famous, some people I actually know or have met over the course of my life so far. I agree with it somewhat too. I think with regards to cutting ties with people who suck our energy dry, bring negativity into our life or are bad influences in general to us the above statement is absolutely crucial.

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In The Zone

Photo by James Killeen from My Protein ‘Own the Summer’ campaign.

A few weeks ago I began reading ‘Finding Ultra’ by Rich Roll. It’s amazing how the right books always seem to come to me at the right time. I had never heard of Rich Roll before however somebody I know shared a meme/quote of his on Facebook which was along the lines of not becoming the successful person (in all capacities) he is today until later in life.

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Ben Nevis: Part 2

Photo taken by myself of a much moodier looking North Face of Ben Nevis, from the North Face trail, The Scottish Highlands on the morning of 26/09/2020.

I realised we were potentially approaching our chosen route backwards when about 2 and-a-half hours in we began to see a flurry of people towards the other end of the east side of the mountain which we were hiking around. You see we (or Boc) presumed that the zigzag on the map was the ridge (CMD Arête) that we were supposed to cross to ascend Ben Nevis. No. This zigzag was in fact the Pony track up to the top. The most popular route as it’s the easiest, although easy is a slight understatement, but it’s fool proof as in you just follow the track up. We were definitely fools at this stage so it’s probably a good job we couldn’t go wrong from here on (to the summit at least).

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Ben Nevis: Part 1

Photo taken by myself of the North Face of Ben Nevis, taken from the North Face trail, The Scottish Highlands on the afternoon of 26.09.2020.

In 2017, probably around March/April time I had a chat with a friend of mine over Facebook messenger. This friend was Boc. Boc isn’t his real name, but it’s what I call him, and as he despises social media and unwarranted attention I shall call him that, so those that know, know, and those that don’t, can’t find him. Anyway Boc had been travelling for the last 2 or 3 years. At this particular point, I think he was living and working in New Zealand. In the time he had been away and on his journey I had been on my own journey right here at home, Manchester (South).

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Be Yourself

Photo by James Killeen taken in Hamburg, Germany in October, 2018.
This image became the artwork for my debut EP ‘Be Yourself’.
The visual for the title track can be found here:

When you were a child, think of all of the things you wanted to be or do… are you doing them? Have you done any of them? Do you put things in motion for you to achieve these things, or have they been forgotten about as “life” takes over?

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Morning Meds

Photo by James Killeen, taken at the top of Kinder Scout, The Peak District, New Years Day 2020.
James’ work can be found here:

“25,000 times you get to open your eyes, face the day, and decide what to do next. I don’t know about you, but I’ve let a lot of those mornings slip by.”

James Clear, Author.
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